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Our service involves meticulously traversing the skin's surface multiple times to administer an equivalent amount of energy as a traditional laser, thereby mitigating the discomfort associated with a singular intense burst of heat. This approach, directly targeting the skin, enhances effectiveness compared to conventional methods. We use high-quality lasers to seamlessly remove body hair. Our services will have you looking and feeling more confident in the St. Cloud, MN area.

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Keep Your Skin Smooth

Set up laser hair removal services in Sartell, MN

Tired of shaving over and over? Consider reaching out to Lotus Laser Aesthetics for laser hair removal services in Sartell, MN. We'll use a top-of-the-line laser to remove body hair quickly and easily.

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Laser Hair Removal prices


For upper lip


For full face


For full face and top of neck


For medium area- full face and full neck, or armpits, or bikini line


For large area- brazilian/"manzilian", or half legs, or chest only


For x-large area- full legs, or back, or chest and ab