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Specializing in tattoo removal and painless laser hair removal Sartell, MN

Stop by Lotus Laser Aesthetics today

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Looking to lighten or remove your tattoo?

Come to our tattoo removal shop in Sartell, MN!

Lotus Laser Aesthetics has the equipment and experience needed to lighten or remove tattoos of all kinds. Our tattoo removal shop in Sartell, MN uses a top-of-the-line laser and tried-and-true methods to lighten or remove your tattoo. We are located just outside St. Cloud, MN.

Contact a member of our team today to book an appointment for tattoo removal services.

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Keep your skin smooth with Lotus Laser Aesthetics in Sartell, MN!

We use high-quality lasers to seamlessly remove body hair. Our services will have you looking and feeling more confident.

Contact us today to book your services!

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4 good reasons to choose Lotus Laser Aesthetics

Your search for a local medical spa and tattoo removal shop in the Sartell, MN area is over. Our clients trust our team because:

  1. Technicians are laser-trained and certified
  2. We have a medical director on staff for your safety and well-being
  3. We don't have any hidden fees attached to our services
  4. We offer free transparent consultations

Call us at 320-423-5137 now to book an appointment with our tattoo removal specialist.